Cables and Arms

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Released February, 2015.

Bygone EP

Released April, 2015.

Excessive EP

Released September, 2013.


We will destroy your fucking mind.

The San Francisco music scene has long been in need of disruption, and it is our goal to shift paradigms. We exist to promote interdependent catalysts for change and seamlessly develop interdependent resources, and we aim to coordinate ethical resources in a responsible way to meet our fans' needs. Cables & Arms has an extremely low burn rate for a cottage business with loss leader pricing, and we believe that this translates into a high value proposition in today’s market. We are currently "ramen profitable" and the results of concentrated focus groups have determined that even a small increase in market penetration would result in a three-fold increase in disruption. Help us reach our goals: download our music, listen to it (optional) and make your opinion of our hard work known throughout your social media networks and ours. Remember: the only way to feel connected to others is by mindlessly disseminating your thoughts about trivial matters to people who would barely even acknowledge your existence on the street, if at all. Don’t worry, you’re doing the right thing.

Team Members

Real people, playing real instruments in real time.
Josh Brown
Guitar and vocals.
Nick Baker
Guitar and vocals.
Paul Schultz
Bass guitar.
Brad Kayal

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